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wrap a towel around the bulb part.

use a serrated blade, like a bread knife and carefully and gently saw into the threads near the end of the bulb. mabye 2 rings down from the top.

it will crumble away pretty easily.

next you have to take a screwdriver and bust out the insides carefully, and make sure to bust off all the little fragments around 'the mouthpiece' area. just try to make sure there arent little pieces kinda loose, cause you might inhale them later or cut your lips on them.

now to get the white stuff off the bulb, dump a bunch of salt in the bulb, and shake it like a bastard, ringing it around the sides and everywhere. dump it out and the bulb should be mostly clear. keep doing it until its not at all foggy.

rinse with water to get all the salt out. it will taste like SHIT if you dont do this. get as much water out as possible by flinging it dry in the air, and then let it sit and evaporate for as long as you can wait.. a day or so is good. you do not want there to be any water droplets or condensation inside when you pour your crack crumbs or your expensive milligrams of DMT in there, or theyre going to stick to the walls and youre going to waste your product. be patient drying it.

done. enjoy & be careful. best to have a little paper towel when you smoke to wipe the blackness off and set it on afterwards. bulbs get REAL hot and the black stuff will end up on your fingers and face when youre all jacked if you dont remember about cleaning it.

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