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Ellis D.
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Lycaeum is much better for specific info about specific drugs, imo.

I disagree with you on the benzo's though-ativan/lorazepam is DEF not purely a physical drug. nuh-uh. I could apply this to most benzo's.

somas-yeah. eat like 3. They seem to be mildly hallucinogenic from some experiences i've had with them- looking at people's faces and such-not psychadelic at all tho. If anything visual is produced, it would probably be more along the lines of ambien. def muscle relaxation qualities tho. I dunno', this is just babble, far too much weed has been consumed for an effective discussion on my part. yum. 2 grams fried in buttah and put on toast. delish. what the hell was the point of all this? buh.
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