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i think the cockroach theory refers to the philosophy that as long as you dont get caught, youre fine. just keep to the shadows and dark corners, and if a narco-terror-goon squad agent should flip on the kitchen light in the middle of the night, scurry like hell to whatever hidey hole you can!

"just dont get caught, just dont get caught" this is what cockroackes tell eachother, and potsmokers have been saying the same thing all these years.

but isnt it still true today that we are many and they are few?
our numbers have always risen faster than theirs and despite their best efforts to stamp us out there are still more and more of us all the time.

it just struck me, ya kno... "We must spray our message into the million lobed American brain IMMIDEATLY!" he said in 1966,
and what has happened since then?
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