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Activated carbon is really just a pure amorphous (uncrystallized) form of carbon.
It's main value lie in it's ability to absorb chemicals within it's pore structure.

Activated carbon becomes "spent" when all the absorptive sites within the pores of the carbon get saturated with what it was absorbing.

Activated carbon has an indefinite shelf life when stored in sealed bags and kept away from liquids and chemical vapours in the air.

The absorbancy may be reduced during extended storage due to the absorption of trace quantities of
chemicals in the air that can migrate through the walls of packing material.
OK it will take 3 or 4 years under normal warehouse conditions where low concentrations of chems are present in the air...
but who knows how long the filters sit waitng for us to buy them right?

But realistically, even after storage in that fashion for four to six years the activated carbon would still have most of it's absorptive capaacity for use.
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