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Okay yesterday a bunch of us spent over three hours on the phone working out the details of the changes. It seemed like very healthy discussion and there was ALOT of consideration about user rights and privileges and protection from legal/malicious behaviour.

As far as the original post goes J. As Don says things are still being worked out. I think the main forum page as it stands now is still going to change but it will take a little bit of figuring out to get it the way we want it.

The way we want it: Still waiting on more mods for consensus but right now it looks as if there will be parent cluster 'The Yahooka Lounge' but the politics forums will be taken out of there. There will be a new parent cluster which will house two links, one to the politics/economic forum (most of what A&P was up till now, so essentially A&P) and one will be the activism forum which is dedicated less to debating political opinion (except about herb/dissent of course constructive criticism is key) and more to supporting legalization action. Threads that, promote civil disobedience rallies etc, or voting for bills can go here. So can opinions about the war on drugs for example, or threads highlighting the hypocrisy of prohibition. I want to see it become a place of knowledge about everything cannabis; activism, info, appreciation.

And then subforumed onto the activism forum (which will be only titled in remembrance of Gov if thats cool with everyone) there will be the tribute forum which likely wont grow as fast and will sort of latch on to the activism one as its crown jewel or something.

Now is this enough communication for you or wha? Feedback is great, but claiming the board is going to shit when things are still in the works doesn't make me happy. Believe it or not the mods are all members too and articulate the same concerns we see here if not more so.
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