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thats because im not in school right now
its a friday and there was no school
in school i use correct grammar and all that shit because its essential for a good grade
when i come home and want to relax from the frusturating week of school i could care less how well my sentence structure is
then i have to listen to all you fucks that hate on me just because i say 1 stupid thing
or misuse one little word
or improperly start off a sentence
you have a life
why dont you start living it and stop caring about mine
"Penalties against the possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself... Nowhere is this more clear to me than in the laws against possession of marijuana... Therefore, I support legislation amending federal law to eliminate all federal criminal penalties for the possession of up to 1 oz. of marijuana." - Jimmy Carter, Former President & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
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