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Originally Posted by kamikazi89 View Post
i don't see why it HAS to be universal..that totally ignores circumstance , history and location, location, location .
"It" isn't morality (or what is moral, if you will). "It," or "they," rather, are just arguments for what is moral and/or what isn't, which could imply circumstance. They just have to be consistent and applying to everyone--that doesn't ignore circumstance, history, or location.

One person in a position where killing isn't immoral means that anyone in that same position would be allayed of the moral responsibility as well. Denying universality would mean that different people in the same position could be moral or immoral depending on opinion.

It does have to be universal in order to avoid the part where we have to decide whose opinion in more valid than anyone else's. Otherwise, it's not's that which is not a part of objective morality.
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