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canuck like waves said in another thread, it's about the tipping point. we're all working together in a synchronous way toward peace, liberty, etc. our lives are just the the story of how we choose to manifest it. what we're witnessing is a self-inflicted pressure or friction to find out how badly we want it and what we're willing to do to get it. think of it as a kind of hundredth monkey syndrome. people need to wake the fuck up. not to the "police state," but to the fact that our world is changing and the behaviors that always used to "work" are losing their utility. i can see it in my life, my business, everything. things will get worse and worse for us (greater and greater illumination of the problems we face) until we think it's bad enough to try and figure out what the deal is and what's causing it: why we're letting it happen, why we're attracting it to us. there is such a tipping point for the person as well as the collective.

so, no one sees these protesters as a threat. the police doing it, the people in charge of the police doing it: they probably don't even know why they do it other than that they like to. they are just the elements of a perfect storm, rattling the windows of our comfortable, habitual lives, hoping we'll open up the curtains, take a look around us, and wonder what we might be able to do differently to make our world and our lives better. everyone from the guy who cuts you off on the highway to the pig who throws you in a warehouse for protesting is playing their part.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
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