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Slurry, continued

I haven't used the vac distiller in a few years, I'm not really sure where it's at. I know that for every gram of honey oil, approximately 2 grams of "junk" and 2 grams of honey are lost, I get 1 gram for every 5 grams of red oil I filter. I will have to pull it out and get it ready, I'm prepping my shed for running the Iso. I believe the other machine I spoke of (the one that exploded) used either Acetone or Tuolene for a solvent, was the one you described as "Junk", and I agree. From what I understand, the fact that the Iso creates a "zero oxygen environment" causes most of the cannibinoids to "convert" over to THC, BUT, the molecule is very unstable, and doesn't have a long life span. When the sulphuric acid is added, the molecule changes again to the delta-9 configuration and becomes more stable, but it's still best to keep it in a cold, dark, dry place ( like your freezer ). Anyhoo, take your time, I'm just happy to have another educated viewpoint. And I think the tuolene might be a less wasteful way to filter the oil, so I'm eager to try it. Many thanks, friend elric!
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