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Originally Posted by spicoli View Post
okay. i have a theory of what will happen should this plan be passed through congress.
with a govt option, our already high (private) insurance rates will go yet higher, due to small business owners who can't afford insure their employees, thereby negating a choice for those people.
many small business owners cannot afford to insure their employees as things are now. small business is the lifeblood of our economy, but many people shy away from working for smaller companies because they want the confidence of an insurance plan backed up by large corporations rather than seeking insurance on their own. this makes it harder for small businesses to find and hold on to employees. a public option would quell this inequity and level the employment playing field. it would only enhance the strength of america's small business industry.

what choice is being negated here? do you mean the employees of small business owners who are often forced to seek insurance on their own time? what choice do they have currently? or do you mean the choice of a small business employee to sign on to a plan subsidized by his employer? i would say there's not much of a choice in that. . . go it on my own or take a subsidized plan? hmmmm. . .

Originally Posted by spicoli View Post
the govt plan will be their only option, because there is NO WAY the average american family can afford private health insurance, especially in this economy. and being that the almighty dollar is the bottom line when it comes to business, large businesses also imo, will go the govt route if it's cheaper.
actually, the government option will not be an option for those who are already covered under private plans, either on their own or through their employer. and neither would it be an option for businesses who are already covered. this is only an option for those who are not covered or businesses who do not offer coverage.

Originally Posted by spicoli View Post
don't get me wrong, i know this current system is more than flawed but this idea that the government needs to swoop in and 'save the day,' to me is very dangerous. we are not incompetent human beings, and standing up to the insurance companies seems to me far more productive than surrendering our power of choice to the govt.
hope i stayed on
so your solution is to stand up to insurance companies? don't you think people have been trying this for as long as insurers have been burning through all obstacles (including life-extending treatments) between them and profit? please. government is there to look out for us, and this is a stance against insurance companies we could never undertake with fliers, letters or phone calls. spell out exactly what you find dangerous about this reform, because so far it's been (unsurprisingly) based on misinformation.

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