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Originally Posted by Flamingnun View Post
Graphically it's stunning.

That's where it ends, the story fucking blows, having to walk fifteen miles to find a vehicle that handles like a kid with downs on a skateboard, and turns into a gigantic fireball the second you collide with a small rudimentary object, like a bush...

If they hadn't been super retarded, and just built Farcry on the Cryengine (Crysis), it'd be hands down the best fps ever. It just seems they spent far too long obsessing over the graphics, rather than adding realistic properties, i.e: physics
I don't agree with that, I've driven humvees off of some of the higher points in the game and survived. I've actually not had a single vehicle blow up on me and I'm already 50% through the game.

I was not a fan of any of the Farcry titles before this one.

But yeah the physics are kind of fucked up...

The major gripe I've been hearing about this game is that it takes so long to get everywhere, however, there are bus stations near most of your mission objectives.
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