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Ooo don't get your panties in a bunch girlyman

More empity headed hissy fits?

Tracking Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Burning

"The largest single source of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is the burning of fossil fuel (coal, oil and gas), which currently accounts for ~80% of the annual emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Nitrogen is also a byproduct of fossil fuel use. Fossil fuels, therefore, play a pivotal role in the global budget of carbon, acting as both a source of CO2 and of atmospheric nitrogen which can fertilize the biosphere and stimulate it to sequester carbon."

"Statistics indicate that fossil fuel use accounts for emissions to the atmosphere of ~5.5 GtC (GtC = billions of metric tons of carbon) annually. Other important processes in the global CO2 budget are tropical deforestation, estimated to generate about 1.6 GtC/yr; absorption by the oceans, removing about 2.0 GtC/yr; and regrowth of northern forests, taking up about 0.5 GtC/yr. However, accurate measurements of CO2 show that the atmosphere is accumulating only about 3.3 GtC/yr. The imbalance of about 1.3 GtC/yr, termed the "missing sink", represents the difference between the estimated sources and the estimated sinks of CO2. This imbalance has increase consistently since around 1920 and has undergone substantial increases since 1950."

Rush Limbaugh Knocks Glenn Beck; Criticized for "Reparations" Comment

Glenn Beck Rambles About Botched Surgery, Suicidal Thoughts

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