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myx, i'm not trying to 'rile you up' or anything..? friends still?

this is the lame name thread, not the 'i hate all posters with this name' thread. not a personal attack by any means. same with if there's an esther or ken or kent here. or a parent who named there kid mercedes, jeeves, alfred, ralph, etc.

PS- i think Toyota sounds like a sexier name than mercedes if you take the actual cars themselves out of the equation and just consider how the respective names sound.
Originally Posted by Sk3tchyD4ZO
no doubt. the first place i had these was at Space Camp.

Originally Posted by Former President Hayes View Post
stfu with this pretend bullshit cutesy "lol @ bears"
you don't know what its like to like in CONSTANT threat of bear don't even FUCKING KNOW.

Originally Posted by v3d4 View Post
note to self: veda, you decided not to look at this thread anymore.

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