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Originally Posted by Bad dog View Post
na the first time was a military snafu. some one at high levels fucked up. the intelligence was wrong and instead of hitting them with stun grenades and tear gas and going in with batons flying (south korean style) which would have ended up with a few busted heads but no loss of life.
they went in unprepared and responded out of proportion.

it was a fuck up and we have appologized many times already.

there will be an inquirey and some people will get blamed and fired ( oliver north style)

it's depressing really when you think that Israel hasn't had any successfull raid / commando / anti terrorism since Entebbe.

btw watch out for war with Lebanon coming soon to a theatre near you.
hizbollah has got hold of some scuds that can hit tel aviv. I doubt that we will let that last for too long.
Fuck, after listening to you I can see why there are so many "anti-semites" out there.
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