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Originally Posted by Dantastic View Post
No amount of studying what you should and shouldn't do is going to change a thing without true repentance twords God.
I agree with what Dan is saying here.

Rules are never a good substitute for Experience.

What is your level of involvement and reading, now or in the past?

For instance I was raised as a Methodist, went to camps, led Bible studies and My Youth Fellowship etc.... I was head over heals a devotee to Jesus and God. When I got older I meditated one night after a Bible study and began to read about Eastern religions. What I found is that Buddhist look to Buddha the way I always felt about God/Jesus. Then what happened is that this inspiration, round aboutly made me a 'better Christian', even though my ideas of 'What Is' was growing.

Today when I reflect of scripture for thought I more often find myself pondering a Sutra for logic as well as a Bible passage.

My point is:
All in all, from my up bringing I know the Bible's verses well. Regardless of how singularly I revere them, and was wondering if you have the same working knowledge.

Myself, these days I volunteer at a Roman Catholic administrated drop in centre as a spiritual counselor. There I am to use 'as a believer' only the Bible. But since I fall out of that line to a proper degree, I respectfully choose the language of faith people have come to me in asking.

I will step outside the bounds with people when talking if I feel they are more of a Spiritualist than a Bible-ist, if you will. Many of the people who come there are also First Nations and I feel I am more willing to go to the place in 'how they know the Creator' and bring their wanting to know the Bible into principles that apply to life, that is, bring the social gospel to them, instead of a pile of "don'ts". To me that is giving some one a drink or taste of the Bible first, rather than just throwing them in the Ocean.

To elucidate in humanistic undertones of passages I will often summon a Sutra that put it into plainer language. And what usually happens is that people get it when I take the Biblely talk about it and just say it.

"You are a good Christian" is the sentence that has followed more than one Sutra recitation. Maybe.... Maybe I am But hey....Same thing I think, because no one can own love and compassion.

In the end, there, at the Centre we are to 'Be a Christ-like presence' and are there to promote Spiritual connection and if the guest is so inclined, Christianity.

And for me, that touches back to my emulation tendencies to Jesus and The Buddha.

Another cool thing I found there was what I posted earlier about mysticism. Meditation in both traditions has helped me have a valid link of experience.

Much love Rubi,

Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.
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