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Originally Posted by SmokeaJoint View Post
A 1/4 Oz. for $110? I pay $80... Also, if your weed is wet/not up to par in any way, dont pay for it. Respectfully say thanks but no thanks. Then, explain why not and go find another hookup till your regular gets it right.
I had a solid hook-up, but he went back to his country unknown to me for a while, I called him while he was away and left messages including stating if he wasn't in business anymore to let me know. He called back when he returned, said he would be back in business (give him a few days) and to call him. I said that would be great as I liked doing business with him.

So I call him and his semi-newly number is no longer in service. I go the extra mile and leave a sticky note on his door asking for his new number. It's been over a week and nothing.

So it looks like I will continue to overpay for really good weed through my middle woman. Especially now that she seems to have straightened her dude out.

I'll see next week when I get my next 1/4.
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