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the process of preparing the pipe of light

The Process of Preparing The pipe of light

In case of emergency the light bulb pipe can be made quite easily
It´s four components are; a golf-ball bulb of the screw type variety
A clicky pen, P.T.F. & electric tapes; a pointed knife will also be required
Carefully break the bulb, making sure glass and filament are removed
A ring of glass will be left round the rim, this is perfectly acceptable
With knife make a small hole at 2nd thread, you now have a smoking receptacle
Unscrew pen bits, tap refill out; take the small front piece that held it together
Insert in hole and bind this tightly to the light bulb bowl with the P.T.F. tape
Next secure with electrical tape, pen tube can now be screwed to the bowl
It can also be unscrewed for easy cleaning; the pen clip should be removed
Break off, a small hole will be left, this can be repaired by taping around tube
Test for good suction by placing thumb over bowl and then draw upon the stem
Your pipe is now ready; but first tin-paper (with holes in) or a gauze is needed
Gauzes can often be found in tap spouts and easily removed with a pointed knife
Bend gauze into shape and push it into the bowl; fill the bulb bowl with hash
From light bulb to bowl, to pipe, filled with pot, ready to smoke and ready to light
The pipe of light, should only take between 5 and 10 mins from scratch to manufacture
Once smoked it will go direct to the brain filling it with Shiva´s grace and Buddha´s laughter

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