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elic40 hay hows it going. You are the first person that seems to understand this machine. I dont know if I just did the right thing but I found one and bought it. I live in colorado and its a medical mmj state. So there is a bit of sweet leaf trim leaf rolling around in these parts. super stickie. everyone here is making earwax butain hash BHO and I think its super dangerous. I personally know 2 people that almost did a lot of damage to themselves. I saw a brand new ISO2 on e bay and I kind of impulsed bought it. Funny got the thing for 400 buck plus 20 shipping LOL 420. had to buy it. Anyways I have found all of what you said is needed to clean up the oil. Here are the links I have found for the stuff. Tell me if its right?? I found the acid in concentrated is that how you use it or is it the 22 % stuff??

Reagent Grade Sulfuric Acid, Concentrated, 32oz for sale. Buy from The Science Company.

Buy Toluene - 1 Gallon- Sky Geek, Skygeek Pilot, Pilot Supplies, PRIST® Aerospace Products,

I have found the glassware pretty easy. You can get a 500ml one with a glass pepcock for like 30 bucks. pretty easy e bay.

So I originally was going to build a kief machine with a screen drum that spins and goes into a large deer freezer with a orbit sander on it to help shake and adjitate. I think I'm still going to build this to and make kief as well. Oil drives a big price per gram in CO. I have done a lot of looking into iso and I am just kind of figuring it out. I get the fact that it leaches everything from the plant and then you remove the plant left overs with the cleaning process. But does it leave you with the same thing as BHO or is it truly different from the isomersation process. Did I do the right thing by buying this. I keep seeing people dump on it on forums. But I am guessing that is because they dont understand what it is or how to run it???.

Through my searching I found this as well. What is your input on this machine??? Its dam expensive and quite large. I'm guessing its basically the same type of thing though.

Herbal Extractors Coldfinger for Sale

The large unit works under a vacume and re circulates its solvent back into the machine I guess?? Is this basically a iso2 machine??

so here is what I gathered from your post on how to use it. Lets see if I'm right on

step 1 :use dry leaf and mill it up in a blender

step 2 : place leaf evenly in a coffee filter in the cup with holes

step 3 : use 99% iso alcohol and run the machine for a couple hours. I have read you can use everclear and other things?? Which is the best to use?? during this 3rd step is there ice on the top of the machine. I'm guessing yes.

step 4 : add two drops of the sulfuric acid. maybe 3 or 4 if you have it stuffed. 2 drops per cup of alcohol. Is this 22% or 99 % sulfuric acid?? and then run for 2 more hours?? still with ice on the top.

step 5 open and add 2 pinches of baking soda to stop the acid and mix. Do I then re run the machine??

step 6 then mix this alcohol with equal parts water and stir. then add 1/3 equivalent measure of toluene and mix. Then place in a seperation container and let settle. Remove the bottom waste material leaving the toluene and oil.

step 7 remove container with plant material and replace with glass and place the toluene oil mixture back into the iso machine and run until the toluene is vaped off

step 8 all thats left is clean oil

is this right??? any additional insight would be great. I got a ton of leaf to run. I was thinking of doing the kief and maybe using the oil as a binder. But honestly I can get top dollar for the oil if its made right. Not many are doing this right in colorado at all. There is a lot of crap bho rolling around that is super chemically. YUCKKK
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