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Butane Hash (Honey) Oil Extraction

Okey guys... I recently made a batch of BHO and it turned out amazing, and the best thing is I only used about an ounce of stems and leaf (mainly stems).
I used two cans of butane, one Vector and the other was some normal brand in a white can from Walgreen's.
The Vector left nothing but oil while the Walgreen's crap left some kind of white residue in the end. I scraped it up and smoked it nonetheless, and it tastes like hash, not butane, so no harm done, but I still didn't like that color change. These brands have been recommended.
The key is that these brands have been "cold-filtered" up to or over 5 times, for maximum purity, so other brands may fit this criteria. It's really hard to find good butane, and the internet may be your best bet.

So... Anyway... You need:
*-* About an ounce (or more) of (bud/shake/leaf/trim/stemmage).
*-* A bottle or two of butane. (300+ml) (350ml are recommended per ounce of plant matter, more will ensure all compounds are extracted.)
*-* A pyrex baking dish.
*-* Some kind of piping, approx. 7 X 1.5 inches. I used PVC, and so has everyone I've ever known, but there are a few sites on the net that recommend some kinds of steel or galvanized tubing, for fear that solvents may extract molecules of plastic. I wouldn't know, nor do I care.
*-* A coffee filter.
*-* An electric drill and a wee little drill bit (the hole drilled should be just the perfect size for the thin part of the butane nozzle to fit in).

PVC is cheap and easy to get. I got mine at Lowe's. Even cut it to the right size in the store (they had measuring tape conveniently placed next to it, lol). You also need to buy 2 PVC endcaps (1.5 inch).
For 5 bucks I got way more PVC than I needed... Ten feet...

1. Once you get home, get to work. Begin by drilling a single hole in the middle of on endcap, and about 5 or 6 holes in the other (centered). The one with more holes is the bottom to your contraption.
2. Put a coffee filter in the bottom endcap (to avoid the escape of plant matter) and snugly and securely fit it onto your contraption.
3. Grind up all plant matter (I used a tiny handheld grinder, but for larger amounts it may be quicker and easier to use scissors).
4. Pour the plant matter into your contraption. An ounce (+) of well ground stems and leaves nearly filled my contraption all the way, without packing it down (perfect. you don't want to pack it down).
5. Affix the top cap (single hole) and take your contraption, butane, and pyrex baking dish outside.
7. Safety goggle are recommended, but this process is so simple and takes so little time I forgot to buy some...
8. Hold your contraption above your baking dish (pyrex, remember). Insert the nozzle into the (single) hole at the top and depress. Hold it down until the hissing stops completely, remove the nozzle, and as the dripping from the bottom slows to one drip per second (or less) begin lightly tapping on the contraption, or blowing in the top hole, to force out the last bit of liquid.
9. You may want to do step 8 again with a new can, just to make sure you're getting your money's worth.
10. Allow the dish to sit for a while, give it time to evaporate. A little bit of warmth (like body heat or a warm fan, not fire) goes a long way, and can greatly speed up the evaporation process.
11. Scrape up the golden goo with a razor blade and enjoy! (How you handle/enjoy it is up to you. I still don't know how we moved the goo around. It leaves itself behind on everything it comes in contact with!)

I have not yet done step 12, but the process is sound and the end result looks MUCH easier to work with.
Originally Posted by ~1~ View Post
Step 12.
Scrape your golden goo into the middle of your pyrex dish, place dish over simmering water to keep oil in a semi liquid state and begin to whip the oil. Do not stop until you see a physical change in the properties of the oil, it will become lighter in color and more putty like in consistency. Since you are using trash to make the oil it will get a light green color and look like ear wax, which is why it's called 'ear wax'. If you make the oil with nugs and buds of fine strains you can keep whipping it until it becomes a light tan color and looks almost like wet beach sand. It is fairly dry to the touch and can be handled quite easily. This is called 'budder' and due to a change in the chemical compound (that may or may not actually happen, the jury is out) called decarboxylization the CBD's turn to THC so the potency of the oil can increase tenfold.
Here's my contraption and grinder. I'm typing this after the fact, so I don't have my pyrex dish, spent plant matter, or empty butane canisters on hand to show you.

My Tube (I haven't cleaned it yet, AYCS):


Grinder Inside:

Finished Contraption:

Finished Product (What was left of it):

It's insane how quick and efficient this is. The preparation takes longer than the entire process!
Be sure to clean up your mess and have everything (your contraption) clean for next time.
I'm not sure if it's recommended to reuse your PVC contraption, but I'm going to keep using mine. You may want to replace yours each time you do this...

References: How To Make Hash Oil From Marijuana
How to Make Butane Honey Oil - 420 Genetics

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