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Originally Posted by ~1~ View Post

BHO is sooooo June but thanks for the tip.

Now I got one for you...

Step 12.

Scrape your golden goo into the middle of your pyrex dish, place dish over simmering water to keep oil in a semi liquid state and begin to whip the oil. Do not stop until you see a physical change in the properties of the oil, it will become lighter in color and more putty like in consistency. Since you are using trash to make the oil it will get a light green color and look like ear wax, which is why it's called 'ear wax'. If you make the oil with nugs and buds of fine strains you can keep whipping it until it becomes a light tan color and looks almost like wet beach sand. It is fairly dry to the touch and can be handled quite easily. This is called 'budder' and due to a change in the chemical compound (that may or may not actually happen, the jury is out) called decarboxylization the CBD's turn to THC so the potency of the oil can increase tenfold.

So yeah, again thanks for the tip but a whole bunch of us have gone that extra mile. You should try it!

You should also double your butane and stay away from domestic brands, try cigar shops for butane 5X refined.
And this sounds great. I think step 12 needs to be added, and i'll have to try it next time.
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