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Originally Posted by Dandaweedman View Post
I'm betting it's more expensive to buy a 150cfm washroom fan new than a new axial or used inline
Hi Dand...Thanks for the input

Air circ is not a prob in my "so called" G-room...My g-room is small and personal. Conditions are way less than optimum.

The Cannabis plant is a resilient plant that although does require a lot of care and attention to achieve results, (just like my outdoor strawberry patch) needs nurturing.

If you compare what I am working with, as apposed to the more sophisticated set ups shown and described on forums and web pages such as this, it is still possible to generate a healthy fruitful plant.

My, (g-room) as crude as it is, can and does produce fine results.

Solving plant issues is a tough task, as with any type of indoor grow, whether it be tomato's or thyme or lettuce.

Care and nursing is key. Understanding how a plant cell, or human life cells work to sustain life to endure the entire grow cycle, from birth through maturity and productivity including harvesting, and reaping the yield is the goal.

Essential nutrients, O2 and H2o is what all forms of life needs to exist. The earths atmosphere, and the give and take of O2 and converting it to CO2 keeps the "revolving" door apprise.

Work with what you have to work with, and maximise it's possibilities...

in other words "be smarter than what you have to work with"

Trial and error is well worth it's weight in gold...

One can never learn enough...especially without making mistakes!

Reasearch and the application of knowledge learned, will far outgain any ]investment[/U][/I]COLOR] needed for success.
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