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if you haven't gotten on to any of madlibs medicine show albums yet, try madlib medicine show vols #2 (flight to brazil), #7 (high jazz), & #8 (advanced jazz). it's really more jazz than hip hop, still good tho.




the sound providers are dope. mfdoom's special blends instrumental albums are somewhat jazzy/jazz sample oriented. the primeridian don't have any instrumental albums, but their first album "i'll meet you in greenwich" is very jazzy, and very good (search the hip hop thread).

also, here is a blog with alot of jazzy hip-hop instrumental albums, a good majority of them are ripped from vinyl. it also offers alot more.

Hip-Hop Jazz & Instrumentals

i can reccomend a lot more hip hop instrumental albums, but they really aren't that jazzy...
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