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Originally Posted by John F. Kerry View Post
... yea maybe you need to be more open minded.

this and similar issues make me pretty frustrated. because i know certain people who i like, like terry and stoner and a few others, and people i know in real life, actually support this, and think its a good idea. and while i feel very strongly in abstract that its wrong, and inappropriate, and against nature and ultimately will hurt our society tremendously.... I also think those people who i like, and who want this soo bad, that they are good people and they dont want it to ruin society and they dont think their own actions will ruin society.

Many people support civil unions. and 100% equal rights for homo or hetero sexual couples.... but a lot of people also support marriage specifically being as it has since the dawn of recorded time, between a man and a woman. It seems like a militant angry tiny minority is demanding that we dont just give them equal rights (which civil unions does) but that we plaster over reality and simply call a club a spade to appease them.

So im pretty torn about this. I really think they are taking it too far and should accept completely equal rights but let traditional marriage stay what it always has been for the 95% of society that isnt gay. meh.
How will it hurt our society tremendously if it only involves a "militant angry tiny minority" or if 95% of society indeed isn't gay?
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