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It's all about getting into your head, making it more realistic, trying to involve you mentally.

Some people want that, others don't.

Either way, it is a point of some controversy. One of the biggest factors in determining the rating of a game is actually the conveyed philosophical and psychological aspects of any violence contained therein - and boy is that world full of odd prejudice.

For example, it's okay in an M rated game to shoot another person in the face as long as there is no sadistic enjoyment portrayed by the part of the protagonist. However, it is okay for the protagonist to express anger or hatred towards the victim.

Interestingly, sadistic pleasure conveyed by the protagonist is okay when it involves a fantasy creature. You can have your character shoot an alien creature in the face and have your character say something like, "I love feeling your brains spray across the wallpaper," and still have it be an M rating.
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