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Allegation: Sandusky “Pimped Out” Kids

Pittsburgh talk show host Mark Madden, who wrote an article seven months ago that foretold of the events that have unfolded at Penn State over the last week, made an explosive allegation Thursday morning on a Boston radio station.

“There is a rumor … Jerry Sandusky and The Second Mile were ‘pimping out’ kids to rich donors,” Madden said on WEEI-AM.

Madden continued on, saying that Sandusky was forced into retirement in 1999 at the age of 55 in exchange for a cover-up of the alleged 1998 sexual assault.

“Jerry Sandusky was told he had to retire in exchange for the cover-up.”

These are some truly disturbing people....Sadly it seems like it is only the tip of the iceburg...
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