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Ever had good luck at a used car lot?

Is it just me or are used car lots universal liars?

I'm in the market for a used car and it's proving to be hopeless to try and deal with used car salesmen. The idea of a used car lot is great: an alternative to a new car lot. But why is it that all the used cars they stock seem to be riddled with problems? Are there really not enough good used cars for them to sell?

All I need is a reliable vehicle, is that too much to ask? But you can't get the straight dope out of a used car salesman, to them every car on their lot is in "great condition.... btw, how much do you have to spend".


Private party is the last alternative, and that takes even more time and then I have to find a professional come out an inspect each car for me.

How can a used car buyer win?
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