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The Most Beautiful girl i have ever seen.

and i just slept with her for the first time tonight.

Not only is she a complete goddess in looks, but BY FAR the best in bed ive ever experienced.

i mean like shiiiiiit yahooka. I know it is lame to make threads about getting laid but fuckkkkkkkkkk.

This girl is literally the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. I needed to make a thread just so i can check if it is still here tomorrow to confirm if im dreaming or not...

the sex was so good it was almost alien like. GOD
i must be dreaming.
Am I dreaming ?

idk we'll see tomorrow.

btw im gonna ask her tomorrow if i can show you guys her pic lol. She will probably say yes cause she is cool like that.

Edit: and just to up the interesting level a bit.... this girl is legally a midget. 4'9 giggady
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