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Originally Posted by tedkennedy View Post
you dont really need to be a fit person to wwoof, its less about hard labor and more about sharing an experience. most wwoof farmers understand the workers arent getting paid so they arent expected to do a crazy amount of work, offhand i dont know what the guidelines are but its something like you dont work for more than 5 hours a day and you get 3 square meals and a place to sleep (at minimum). depends on the farm though some hosts are awesome and will take you out, you usually talk to the host before you start and you will get a sense of what it will be like.
Honestly though, this kind of lifestyle is not sustainable, unless you are personally very fiscally responsible.

Get your experience and continually apply for bigger and better things Beasry.

Hell, there really is no shame in owning your own restaurant with the money/exprience you've accumulated.

And everyone appreciates a husky cook.
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