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Thanked 5,963 Times in 2,900 Posts lover is gone. i have come to the conclusion that i was but another chapter in his life...why? because he left me behind...he left me yesterday..spent the better part of an hour kissing eachother..rubbing our faces together..he was balling..i never cried..i was more or less disappointed but still emotional..i am not one to hold someone back when facing their own journey..i just wish i was part of his. we have still been texting...but i am done..he may be able to be fine...but i am ugghhed out. im going to tell him to remember the good times....i hope that is nott all i was. i dont think i was..but he has to figure that out not waiting around anymore.

I browse at work. If some nerd had a problem with dicks I'd stare him in the eyes then magnify the picture in question without saying a word.

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