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Originally Posted by Peace seeker View Post
The world has had enough of elitist politicians. The reason nothing gets done, is partly because most of these corrupted elitist douches dont give a damn about the 99%.

Unemployment is way high, healthcare is not affordable for the masses, education is only for those who can afford it and high paying positions go to those with connections and not to those who can get the job done.

Thats bull.

If we dont change the way things are, with our vote, then dont expect a future for the next generations. Expect slavery.

Governments are the puppets of the elite. We gotta move gvmnts out of our way, so descent people can start making a difference.

Mitt Romney -who wants to be your next president- made $42 million dollars and yet he only paid 14% tax on it because most of his money is in offshore companies. And he said : "i aint paying a dollar more!"

So why does the average american, canadian european or australian citizen have to pay 35-45% tax, when their politicians dont even pay the minimum?

Fuck that.

Its time the people take the government in their hands. It wont happen overnight. It will take a few decades. but if we dont start now, then be prepared for many decades of slavery. Minimum wages, more work, less jobs, less benefits, less healthcare and non-existent pensions.

the middle class is shrinking world wide. Lets do something about it!

While I support your premise and empathize with your frustration and rage, I think you're missing the mark. Nobody owes us shit. You want government out of the way, that means that we all do for ourselves, and I'm fine with that, but there's a huge percentage of our populace that can't survive in Darwin's world, so they work for the government.

No fan of Romney at all, but the tax equation is also way off base. His net rate is meaningless, just like the whole Buffett/secretary scam. If you were able to resist the temptation to borrow and live at or beyond your means, you would have acquired what is called wealth - and the first chunk of that earnings is tax free. Then as you earn more you pay more. What you do with the money that you have left over is totally up to you. Most of the less educated we'll call them, choose to spend it.

New cell phones, leased cars, some ink and maybe a new grill or a nice vacation, hey... how about a stack of lottery tickets? These aren't investments, they are straight up expenses that people choose to make every day 'cuz they see shit on the vidiot box and gotta have it... so they go get it. That's the end of their money... all gone. Easy come, easy go. Go visit one of the state sponsored casino's some time and watch all of the pensioners that wander in to piss their savings and SSI checks away, it's utterly confounding!

Mr. Romney in particular, comes from the "No Fun" cult. The Mormons aren't really big on the whole drinkin' and smokin' thing to start with, so they already have a leg up on the average idiot. Just look at the knucklehead and his significant other that smoke cigs. At a pack a day each, that's about a million dollars in a working lifetime (time value of money, etc.). Let's add some weed, and maybe some alcohol to the equation and there's another million. Maybe, instead of going to Red Lobster or TGIF and dropping $40-50 one night a week, ya stay home and eat. Maybe ya brown bag it to work and make your coffee at home and skip the Star Bucks? Bingo... another mil. Gettin' rich is NOT as hard as it sounds, it's more about being disciplined than lucky or smart (although one could argue that not getting sucked into the consumerist lifestyle is smart).

So whether you saved every penny, or just managed a decent job that let ya put a few sheckles away steady like, eventually, wherever you put that money it would presumably and hopefully grow. Now we are talking about money that you have ALREADY paid taxes on ONCE. So let's say that you ain't the swiftest day trader and you just dumped your money into some sort of index fund that maybe paid you a 5% return. That 5% is "unearned income", be it interest on savings or a dividend from a stock. Unless you bought into some sort of government debt instrument that offers tax free returns, the government WILL have a piece of whatever you just received. Since not only the stock market, but also their debt market (we call them bonds) are dependent on sucker capital to keep their shit rolling, they want to encourage the folks with the mostest to let them have it to play with some more... and to collect a tax on it yet again.

Let's face it, up to a point we all have the same basic needs. Romney's house and car cost a lot more, and he doubtless eats much better food, but at the end of the day, a guy can only spend so much and need so much, so as you acquire wealth, it tends to become its own multiplier. This is not the result of some evil manipulation by the 1%, it's just simple math. The danger is that the have not's get consumed with their wants and forget that the real evil is at the very tip top of the food chain. The rest of us are honestly just trying to stay off of the bottom or get to where he is. The simple truth is that he should have paid even less tax than he did.

Why should the government get a second bight of OUR apple. They tax everything that we buy, the money that we earned to buy it with, the gas used to get us to work and the store, the tires on the car and the car that carried us. We paid to build the road and then pay a toll to use it, while trying not to get picked out for another tax for how we use it. They tax what we save, what we watch, what we eat, smoke and drink. They tax our home when we buy it, and tax us every year to live in it, before taxing us again when we sell it, and if there's anything left when we die.... they tax the fuck out of that too. And what do they do with all of that tax money? Well other than make sure that they and theirs get well rewarded, pretty much waste the fuck out of it in ways that even we wouldn't ever consider spending it on. Declaring war on drugs?

I disagree with Romney's politics and would never vote for him or Obama, but what he does and did with his money is no better, no worse than any jackass that pisses his hard earned pay down toilet every Friday night. He paid his tax on it when he first earned it, and then decided to save it instead of drinkin' it or smokin' it. Just 'cuz he did and you maybe didn't, isn't a reason to hate. Him wanting to keep using OUR money to support American hegemony... now that's a reason to hate, but that's also where he and all of the rest become indistinguishable from one another, except Dr. Paul of course.

There isn't much of anything that's wrong that we can't better fix by getting government out of it, but that brings me right back to the original problem and the issue of what do we do with a huge percentage of the populace whose only "skill" is doing what they are told (government employees). They will all likely starve if we were to force them to try and coexists out in the real world (not that that would bother me), but then who would clean up all of those corpses?

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