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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
^ overlooking the fact that he's with drawn troops from Iraq, and will be removing them from Afghanistan in 2013.

{while fighting the republicans...(the ones leading the republican races) want to send troops back into Iraq., And maintain the war in Afghanistan.}

never enough is it ?

Meanwhile America's Israeli intelligence keeps badgering the US to invade Iran, while assassinating Iran's nuclear scientists.

all this while trying to pass any one of (four so far) jobs bills through the house.

but that's the mark of failure
He withdrew the troops from Iraq because they wouldn't extend the SOFA. obomba wanted continued immunity from our indiscriminate killing and Iraq said no. We still have a large footprint in Iraq as we will in Afghanistan after we "withdraw" from there. And the initial withdraw will be the additional troops he sent since taking office.

I give obomba credit for holding back the israel firsters in their quest for war with Iran. Still, no diplomacy and the "we leave all options on the table" threat continues.

Bitching about obomba's foreign policy doesn't mean I agree with the leading contenders in the republican race. I don't accept the lesser of two evils argument.

Edit: minus the birds.

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