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This Budhist stuff is gonna give ya an ulcer bro'.
(sarcastic crack about potential irony)

The anvil was delicious, but irony.

I presumed your comment about "normalizing" the violence and brain tumor humor was meant as Socratic irony.
Your follow-up to my initial response, questioning whether I had any world view that included doers of good, doing just that, I also categorized as such, since I assume that even with your limited knowledge of me - you still know that I possess a heart.
Suggesting that you would knowingly afford an insult to anyone is the very definition of sarcasm.

I could not be offended by you walking up and pissing on my leg. I wouldn't particularly enjoy it, but I would assume that you had nothing but the best intentions.
- of course then I'd have to kill ya
(1st line - statement of fact, 2nd line - sarcasm)

Please don't waste precious moments of your life pondering shit that I type. I enjoy debating ideas and can hardly say good morning without being a smart ass about it, so save yourself some baking soda and ALWAYS presume that my tongue is planted firmly in cheek - unless I am simply making an obvious statement of fact.

Relax, have a home brew, smoke a joint... chill.
Don't sweat the little shit, there are much bigger turds afloat.

BTW, not to pick nits, but did it occur to you that your use of irony came dangerously close to the very sarcasm that was the basis for why I found the movie amusing in the first place? The image of a pubescent girl jumping up and down while clapping and happily shrilling "this is the best day ever!" in the midst of their killing spree... am I the only one that get's it?
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