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Originally Posted by Kompressor View Post
Here Are the Crazy Things the TSA Found Last Week: Cannonballs, Grenades, Ninja Stars and More

We poke fun of the TSA for being dumb but sometimes we forget that normal people do even dumber things.
They are dumb, that's why we poke fun at them for being... ah... dumb. Comparing them to what you call dumber would actually pretty much cinch the point wouldn't it? So thank you for reminding us that we are borrowing money even though we are broke, to pay for what is admittedly "dumb".

Originally Posted by Kompressor View Post
Like pack a grenade launcher in their carry on. Or try to bring a cannonball on board. Here's a list of the crazy things the TSA found just last week.

In the picture above, from left to right, two cannonballs, a grenade launcher, 'fantasy' knives, grenades, ninja star, nunchucks, throwing knives, a Kukri knife and a whole bunch of other sharp objects. Just a week in the life of a TSA agent, I guess. Honestly, this list is almost as impressive as all of 2011. I mean, a cannonball? These weapons were found in various airports across the country which means there are dumb people everywhere. However, my favorite response to why a passenger tried to bring a kitchen knife on board with them has to go to this guy, who simply responded that there were "no good knives in Cancun." Oh, people.

f course there's more than just crazy items found, the TSA pried out 23 guns through airport security last week with 14 of them being loaded. People, you can't freaking carry a loaded gun onto an airplane. That just isn't happening!

I don't know if I'm more happy that the TSA weeded these items out or sad about humanity that people actually think they can bring this stuff on a plane.[TSA]
Your premise that the g'ovt is the only way to get this done is ridiculous. The airlines have a pretty serious interest in seeing to it that their shit doesn't get stolen and blown up I would say. If and when it did happen, the law provided that the survivors could sue fuck out of them, thereby providing yet more incentive to make sure that their shit didn't get stolen and blown the fuck up wouldn't you say? So now the "dumb" g'ovt is running shit. Survivors can sue no one, but just to make sure that we maintain the same high standards that we have come to expect from our public school union employees, we have empowered the down trodden TSA workers with a union. That's pretty fuckin' dumb, so I guess it fits. Maybe someone can relate all of the decades of trials and tribulations that the TSA workers have suffered under that made this so imperative, but I digress.

Obviously it's idiotic to suggest that our government does much of anything well. Quite the contrary they fuck everything up that they touch, and they do it at twice the cost of even the highest of private enterprise bidders. A recent accounting of their idiocy reveals $4,000 for elevator operators, $2,000 for Satrbuck's coffee, and $1,500 to rent extension cords for a recruiting fair, where they hired and later trained people that they don't even have a job for. Yeeup, got the dumb covered pretty well again.

Now, as for this ridiculous list of what you label as dumber... I beg to differ.

First of all, I have absolutely no problem traveling with Rev and his canon ball collection, as long as he checks his canon.

The grenade launcher??? Seriously????? WTF man, of what real use is it without the grenades? Now you're just bein' a big pussy. What's he gonna do load it up with Scotch miniatures?

The shuriken and throwing knives bring with them a pretty immediately obvious flaw, that probably has a lot to do with why they aren't issued to our troops. The problem with any weapon that requires you to throw it away in order to use it, is that ... well you just threw it away... so now what do ya do? More to the point, ya probably threw it in the general direction of somebody, in the confines of an airplane, which means that they are probably gonna at least kick your ass, and at worst, stick said object up your ass.

The nunchucks are almost as funny. Just where the fuck is the person supposed to start goin' wild and swingin' these things... at his seat, in the john or in one of those wide ass aisles that even Kate Moss turns sideways to squeeze down. I wish somebody would try to use a set sometime, 'cuz that would be fucking hilarious as shit to watch, as they try to swing and they keep bouncin' off of the overhead and seating and crackin' them in the head and elbows. I would laugh my ass off while they steady beat the piss out'a themselves. If we taunt them enough they'll probably end up unconscious and bruised on the floor by their own hand.

The grenades weren't even charged and the fantasy knives... please niga'!
Why do you think that they are called "Fantasy Knives"? It's 'cuz in anything but a fantasy, if you were to actually try to cut something or somebody with those crazy ass blades - you would most likely end up severing your own wrist tendons first. Just look at that retarded shit!

Now I'll grant ya that the Kukri knife has the potential for some serious in-flight fun, but that's a simple profiling issue easy fix: No Fucking Gurkha's Allowed. Just post this sign at every airport entrance and add a kukri silhouette to the retard sign that shows all of the other shit that we ignore.

I don't understand your issues with the kitchen knife guy going to Cancun. You obviously have never been there, and just as obviously have never tried to cut a margarita garnish with a fucked up hotel knife. You just don't want to let any of us have ANY fun ... admit it!

Regarding the carry on of loaded hand guns. Look - without bullets they really aren't any good for shit except maybe pistol whippin' dumb asses, so just make sure nobody acts like a dumbass and we're cool.
Other than that, I think if you were to look at the aforementioned list, you would see that people are clearly nuckin' futs these days, and I don't know about you, but I am NOT gettin' on a plane with all of that shit unless I AM armed with a loaded hand gun. (kukri's and canon balls... muther fuckers gettin' crazy up in here)
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