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Originally Posted by Galt View Post
While I admire your spirit, I find your hopeful positivity and optimism horribly naive. I respect your attempts to walk the walk, but as with most of my Buddhist friends, I resist the temptation to challenge your cheerful outlook too often with my cynical perspective on reality. I consider it something akin to kickin' a puppy. You are the ying to my yang mang.

Between the two of us we have a pretty balanced act , I agree

Could I ask you why I'm naive?

It's not like I've lived in a bubble my whole life and haven't had to challenge many assumptions/observations about that life along the way, as I was and as I am now.

In my 20s, I imagine I may have found myself agreeing with many of the assertions you make....

But something changed inside of me and grew.

So I don't really like the naive comment man.... it's starting to get into the dig area, as opposed to making a comment and explaining what you meant, which is why I am asking you now, cause I know you aren't making a dig at me.

What if I were to say as a cynical person who has found renewed hope in my life, that you're way were naive and didn't leave much room for the mystery of life to live in?

I keed....

But please.... tell me why I'm naive, in your view.

Naive=stupid/foolish as I've heard it used most and I hope that isn't what you are saying.
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