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Originally Posted by SageTree View Post
Between the two of us we have a pretty balanced act , I agree

Could I ask you why I'm naive?

It's not like I've lived in a bubble my whole life and haven't had to challenge many assumptions/observations about that life along the way, as I was and as I am now.

In my 20s, I imagine I may have found myself agreeing with many of the assertions you make....

But something changed inside of me and grew.

So I don't really like the naive comment man.... it's starting to get into the dig area, as opposed to making a comment and explaining what you meant, which is why I am asking you now, cause I know you aren't making a dig at me.

What if I were to say as a cynical person who has found renewed hope in my life, that you're way were naive and didn't leave much room for the mystery of life to live in?

I keed....

But please.... tell me why I'm naive, in your view.

Naive=stupid/foolish as I've heard it used most and I hope that isn't what you are saying.
No... not ever not never would I dig on ya brother (unless of course I was just bein' a sarcastic ass, as I usually am, and didn't mean a thing by it). Should've been more general with that reference and simply applied it to all hopeful and positive optimists. We differ only on which side of the equation we place the larger integer. We both realize that people have a good and bad quotient or potential, we both are hopeful for the best, but I feel that my experiences in witnessing the preponderance of bad materializing, is a more accurate perspective of our shared reality. It doesn't mean that I think I am right and you are wrong, just that we have experienced life differently. My reality's existence does not depend upon invalidating or diminishing yours to exist. It just is what it is, just as yours is, and they are different, but yet they co-exist. Shit is just never that absolute, especially where people are concerned.

We just differ... and that's a good thing, 'cuz when reality gets me down, it always makes me feel better to look over and see that there are still a few hopeful folks left. Maybe feeling that way makes me the naive one, eh?

What we need is for you and me to sit down up on a mountain top with a big ol' bag of shroomage one weekend, and unravel the true meaning of man's existence once and for all. I think you and I could tackle that one in just a coupl'a days... wha'dya think?
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