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My goodbye letter to drugs

[I wrote this the other day and wanted to transcribe it somewhere... this isn't here because I'm trying to preach or anything, it's here cause I wanted to share it with you guys... btw I *did* write this off the top of my head, in 10 minutes or so before after starting just knowing I needed to write a goodbye letter, heart to pen without any corrections so please save your crtisism ]

Dear Drugs,

Weed, you were my first and took my v-card. Stunted my growth, spritually, like un-filtered cigars.

Halucinagens say bye your not my real friends, made me think this drug shit went deeper but it doesnt, wish I knew it was just pretend. And tell your boy dissassociatives they're no longer my associates; no offence

Uppers especially cocain, stay out of my veins for you I got nothin but complaints. Called the cops on myself when I was buggin, crawled the floor cause of your cousin... tell her I can't smoke no more - you mighta thought it was fun but it wasn't. I'll keep this real brief cause you don't deserve my fuckin time - you made me put my family in a pipe and smoke it, like they was the cheapest dimes... Made me do the craziest shit for just one more, you stupid whore, I'm not fucking with you - cooked or raw.

And as far as you? Opiates? You stole my fuckin soul from me, no bullshit. Thought I could trust you, you told me that you loved me... you grabbed me by my throat, took my life-force choked the hope from it. You played me, telling me that you had for me a new friend, her name? Heroin... mixed her up, for just 5 bucks I could poke myself till I'd throw up... but that didn't last long, pretty soon you'd misbehave, now I'd wake up and I'm your slave? Can't even fucking sleep or eat, till I satisfy my crave? wake up in a cage? wake up to a guage? and that's if I'm lucky, and it's not waking up at all - a suit and a grave...

But thats enough for you, I'm done... Saying good bye, shit aint fun, its old and im tired, cold and I just want to grow old... Cause I'm better then you, all you drugs... Time to grow spiritually, N/A doesn't shake hands we give hugs, give love, I'm happy waking up without drawing my own blood...

PS- tell your cousin Xanax, she's banished... Klonopin you won't see me again, benzos and whoever else I forgot or didn't try??

Bye Bye
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