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Banning or foregiveness?

Well it would appear our opinions are as varied as our membership. How about a little "CONSTRUCTIVE" feedback from the members on how things should be handled when things get ugly.
Remember that this board belongs to Testclear and having new members who stay means potential customers for the company that runs and gives us our FREE board. Also remember that all the Mods are volunteers who merely try to keep things running smoothly in the forums. Nobody wants to deal with anything that's a hassle but sometimes the guidelines force one of us to act to quell potential disruption.
So the question is...What is a good method for handling members who act up and go beyond common decency into downright hatefulness?
What are the consequences of their actions?
Should they be forgiven immediately or should some form of "Time out" be used to get folks to think about their actions.
The Mods are reluctant to enforce rules that are so whimsical.
What does the membership want?
Discuss....civilly please.
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