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Originally Posted by slunt View Post
Anyone have any well thought out definitive reasons or suggestions.
You folks get irate when you aren't consulted about potential changes in policy or guidelines, but when asked to participate you reply with very little substance.
While your opinions are welcome, some suggestions would help also.
So far in 9 posts only FG's has participated helpfully.
Lots of good replies in the thread folks... but seriously... it's a hard time for us now here I think and it's ALL our times to shine.

Originally Posted by Stanton Peedman View Post
look back to FFA in 2004 and that's what we want, I think.
You have neural connections that tell your memory centers that this was a great time. IMO, if you were moderating at that time you'd wish we could all just move along and see that time for what it was. A board of mostly 14-15 yr olds. I bet you'd not survive in a board of 14-15 yr olds today man....

Just saying.... let's realized we've evolved and grown up a bit more than the 04-05 years.... No offense to what you want... but the first line is the only reasoning I can imagine that folks think those were great years.

(read on)

Originally Posted by farmergiles View Post
So FFA is a little padded cell where it is safe for the inmates to freak out?
Seriously I agree..... FFA isn't 'free' very much at all, it's the kind of island that people wish they could ship others off to... and this is what Budhead did in those 'illustrious' 04-05 years.

It's not Free for ALL at ALL.
And it's not called 'Anything goes' either.

To me that idea of Yahooka is REALLY fucking sad.

Originally Posted by Jester4yall View Post
My thoughts are close to what was posted by Farmer. Little personal attacks should be 24-48hrs on first offense. Repetitive abuse from that member should result on harsher penalties. Stalking a member around for motives other than to insult and start drama 30 days

Blatant disregard for the rules and other members should result in a pm from All mods who discuss bannings on 1st offense. I say this because I think the multiple perspectives will help clear confusion and maybe change the way one posts in the future.

More come on yahooka talk this over like adults. Youve got the mods attention with your fuvk komp post, now lets be civil since they are allowing us to discuss this. They didn't have to you know.

More to come after diner
Jester... points man.

Many apologies for your rabble rousing getting under my skin today.
I'm glad you've said this stuff, and would love for to keep hearing from you in this conversation. Again.... this feels like a REALLY seriously time/issue for the Mods right now and perhaps I read some of your jokes wrongly.... but THIS is what I know you're capable of, so it's hard when you're a little punk sometimes

Originally Posted by Jimmycube View Post
thanx for being proactive and making this thread slunt. U may have seen my post in the "never forget" thread ware i pretty much explained my feelings in general and asked for this kind of discussion.

I will elaborate a bit though (ok a lot as it turns out). I am guessing its a odd situation being a mod because some people will agree with what u do and others wont so its one of those your never gonna be right type of things.

I dont think there is anything wrong with getting like a 24 hour ban or 48 hours type of thing if somebody is stepping over the line slightly but doing it multiple times just to be a provocateur. 24hrs is kinda like getting a slap on the wrist.

I think in a lot of cases just a mod sending somebody who is being dickish a pm saying "hey your being a dick dude" and explaining why u feel that way is sufficient. People just want to get a good explanation from the mods and instead of they themselves just strait up PMing a mod or making a single thread on the subject they troll or flame for a bit. Its a two way street, good communication on both the mods end and our own is the key.

Like in Terrys case i think a PM would have been good..and if that dint work *i assumed thats what prob happened* then a 24 hour ban or a few days would have done the trick.------------

ok, on to the stuff that really matters the month or longer bans. A lot of us have been on these boards for a long ass time and during that time we have gotten to know a lot of secrets, fears, vices and trauma. The people who just say the absolute worst thing they can possibly think of just out of spite because they cant actually argue their own point or just have very small minds could possibly get a month or longer ban.

for example sometime early this winter i had a long time poster tell me that they hope my kid gets paralyzed like i was. Also at one point in time my daughter and wife were hit by a drunk driver and both almost died and i had a thread asking for help and i had somebody say "thats what u get for doing Heroin". Their is just no reason to say such things. They should get hit by a drunk driver...because i was a junkie at the time? shit man..

Another thing is when u know somebody has just in the last couple months or so just gotten over a addiction or that they are still working on getting over it and somebody will just throw that in their face which could honestly lead them to start using again. Like those kind of comments may have real world consequences. I think you have to take into consideration their history as a poster as well because if they have a history of saying shit like that..odds are they are gonna keep doing it and it is just so mean spirited that they could honestly use a good couple months ban.

Luckily shit like that doesnt happen that often and it really is only a few true assholes who say shit like that here. Overall i would say other than the minor terry issue yahooka has been getting a long pretty well.

Perma ban for anybody who rats out a grow or anything of that nature obviously.

sorry for writing a book...i prob dint explain things all that well either but will gladly answer any questions

Originally Posted by Jester4yall View Post
I think it goes by the situation there

like mention by giles it would depend on the case I imagine
Mods are pretty honest with each other about this....
One offense if a person's first is different than the same offense when it's the persons 100th offense.

Case to case is really how we roll and we try to be fair and balanced about the dolling out.

WE, All.... were NOT asked or consulted about Terry's ban.

Originally Posted by slunt View Post
There are some members here who give me the impression that because things have gone a certain way before that they should continue that way forever.
Sometimes evolution happens and what was normal before is no longer considered justified now.
I'm sure Sage's wife would have a term for people who put others down to make themselves feel better.
Blacks were slaves, women couldn't vote, people used to smoke on elevators, but times have changed and for the better in most peoples opinions.
I don't believe anyone wants to change FFA's style or Yahooka's personality such as it is but a line is being drawn calling out the persistent problem makers to mellow out and tone it down somewhat.
The membership is starting to unite in their in their wish for civility and respect on the boards, especially outside of FFA.
So again I ask, What should be done? What path should Yahooka follow if any?

Seriously... this is one reason we brought the colloquials section together.

Evolution of the people..... no one is a 'bad ass' as they imagined in 04-05 or 'back in the good old days'... we're all more mellow like it or not... let's show this

Originally Posted by Grieves View Post
The only question you need to ask...

Is this an offense bad enough to remove this person from the community...

If yes..Ban

If no...PM, Stern warning, public ridicule, etc...

I honestly think that the only ban that should be considered is the Perma ban for spammers and repeat offenders and/or the year ban so a user has the opportunity to come back after a lengthy cool down period if they want...

We need members, we need traffic, we need people hanging out, banning sends the opposite message, especially when it is someone who has been here for close to 10 years...

Banning for timeouts is asinine and doesn't do anything to curb the behavior...Just look at HP and his alt army for evidence, the banning(s) just amplified the negative behavior...
Grieves, if we ever get a board of member consultants I'd REALLY like you to be one dude. I love reading your posts on political matter here.

Originally Posted by farmergiles View Post
IMO moderators must make the final decision regarding bans,

- Because they are the ones who have the responsibility to carry out any bans (like the driver of a car needs to take responsibility for driving the car)
- Because if bans were decided by members' votes then this would be a kangaroo court or a popularity contest.
- Because mods have access to more information about what goes on on the boards than regular members.

On the other hand if mods seem autocratic, partial and arbitrary then this will undermine confidence in the boards and drive people away.

These decisions are subjective and we rely on the judgement of mods to make them and keep things proportionate.

You can't put mods on ignore. Also mods certainly shouldn't use the ignore feature either or they aren't doing their job.

But yes in most cases simply ignoring anyone who you find objectionable works wonders.

I think a short ban may be constructive in some instances, say if two members were engaging in a pointless circular argument going on for 10 pages+ that was becoming increasingly personal and wrecking a thread- a day off might give some perspective and might not necessarily be seen as punitive- more like being told to go get some fresh air or smoke a phatty, listen to some tunes and chill the fuck out or something.

On the other hand a ban of month or more is a slap, especially for a regular poster who spends a lot of time here.

It's like if you were in your local bar and the proprietor told you to go home because you're too drunk or asks your friend to take you home- it's different from barring you for good...
On the other hand if you're starting a fight with a pool cue, the proprietor would be quite right to bar you from his premises forever.

I guess it's about proportion and perspective.

Originally Posted by my_scatterheart View Post
Probably not in a manner that you would imagine Sage doing it.
You might be surprised at the way and means of the tone/message of my moderation PMs. You've never gotten a moderation message from me.

I've totally had to tell people to stop acting like children etc...
'Calling them out' and so forth.

Really... you'd be shocked

Originally Posted by Bad dog View Post
wtf? the point is that you can't stab at people with their loved ones.
The line is I can call your momma fat and make jokes but I can't make jokes about her in a sexual reference.

You can call my kids dumb or ugly but you can't infer that they will be involved making gay porn with well endowed middle eastern gentlemen when they grow up.

The lines of good taste and minimum maturity do exist in FFA.

What 'response' at all was meted out?

the problem here is that stoneric is a 'favorite' of certain mods a because she is a chic and b because she sucks up to the admin.

Terry on the other hand took the piss out of the mods and got banned.

your a bunch of yahypocrites
(Read response below)

Originally Posted by moketweed View Post
Why is anyone arguing in favor of acting like an ignorant douche bag, regardless of ffa or other forum. If you feel such a strong need to disrespect someone and defend your right to do so, you have serious mental issues you should be dealing with. I mean christ, did you get beat much as a child or what.... be as crude and crass as you need, there is no need to ever be hurtful, we are a family here, we all should act accordingly.
My fucking hero! Seriously.

Life isn't that hard BD.... consider this dude's reply heartily.

Folks.... thanks for the replies and lets keep this bettering talk alive
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