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Originally Posted by deadhead94 View Post
Usually, but not this time.

I was merely stating how obvious it is that most people who are really homophobic are so deep in the closet, they will probably never find their way out.

Who doesn't see that?
not saying its not obvious to most, but some it may not be. and it's always better to back up what you're saying with a link, or the flames usually ensue in my case, so i've gotten in the habit of finding links.
R.I.P. Gov

but I do show—thanks to a lot of in-depth interviews with GOP sources—how they plotted to obstruct Obama before he even took office. I show how the stimulus was chock full of stuff they claimed to support until Jan. 20, 2009—not just things like health IT and the smart grid and energy efficiency and scientific research, but the very idea of Keynesian stimulus. Every presidential candidate in 2008 proposed a stimulus package, and Mitt Romney’s was the largest.
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