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Originally Posted by Bad dog View Post
I stated my point that imo most homos are doing it because a) they are terrified of women. b) they are bored of regular sex.
Any real homosexuals (those who really feel they were born in the wrong body) tend to be very quiet and discreet about there sexuality. With these people I have no problem. ( I even know one or two in my cicle of associates).

I am not a homophobe, I believe people have the right to do what they want to to themselves.

Hopmosexuality is not a NORM and should not be accepted by society as one. The whole reason society is so fucked up is because there are no longer any family values.
How does gay marraige help that?

What I can't stand is the openess about it. Why the fuck did they need to come out of the closet.
I move we shove them all back into the closet where it has been for thousands of years.
get your shit together, cause you´re contrdicting yourself.

you say you´re not a homophobe, then you say you can´t stand open gays.

you say you believe ppl can do whatever to themselves, but dilsike the idea of gays marrying... you dont like them doing that to themselves. how on earth will two gays marrying will in any way hurt you is beyond me.

about the coming out of the closet.... do you know how fucked up, how stressful and frustrating must be to have to hide your sexual orientation for all your life so you and ppl who think like you may feel safe? how egocentric is that??

you want rspect for your family, but you dont respect some ppl.

respect, IMO, is not kissing ppl´s ass, for me it means not to intervene on anybody´s life.

why dont you just speak your mind, say you hate gays or whatever, it would be much better than listen to your contradictions, at least you could be honest, which beats the hell out of pretending to be something you´re not.
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peace, Wirikuta
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