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well, I know no one will really care about my opinion but I read on the first page someone said this place is like a modern form of communication, much like speaking with people on the phone, and would you tolerate someone insulting you over the phone? No you wouldn't, you would hang up. And when it comes to FFA if you don't like it hang the fucking phone up.

I know the argument, "everyone should be able to come in and not be offended" OK fine, no one is asking for total anarchy on the entire forum, this is one sub forum were talking about. Yahooka is broken up into plenty of categories for you "thin skinz" as I will start calling you to converse about whatever you wish, including general discussion.

Taming FFA is similar to a white guy criticizing the united negro college for not allowing white people in. It's futile and almost trolling in itself. Crackaz you can go to any other college you want now leave the FFA the fuck alone (yeah I used fuck I must be ANGRY)
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