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I do not personally hate anybody, gay or not.
I know several gay people and am unthreatened by their sexuality.

I just feel terrible for all of those poor paedophiles. Why shouldn't they be allowed to adopt and marry the children they are in love with. How sad for them to have to hide their sexuality and carry on in secret.

Also my heart goes out to the animal lovers, those who are in love with pigs, sheep, dogs etc
Bummer for them that they can't be open as well.

What about necraphilliacs, why not open the mourges?

There are many forms of sexual perversion apart from homosexuality that we do not allow and do not find acceptable.

Also I am entitled to my opinion of not liking the concept of homosexuality.
I should be allowed to express it without being personally attacked.

You are the real bigots here. you have decided that you are cool with gays and anyone who isn't is fucked up.

thats bigotry.
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sometimes you just gotta agree with bondi.
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I like Iranian donkey dick,.
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There is no political correctness in FFA
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It's probably just you. Marijuana users tend to be mentally ill and the THC just exacerbates their shortcomings as human beings. You can't believe anything a pot-head says, they're all incompetent and unreliable, not to mention liars and murders.
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God I hate being on bondi's side

Video meliora probeque deteriora sequor.
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