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I bet if you add up all the tax loopholes, givebacks, and exceptions, and big Co. probably takes far more government welfare, aid, whatever you want to call it than all welfare recipients combined. If not, it's gotta be close.

The game is rigged. It just becoming more obvious now that communication is so widely available via the internet. So what do the well-healed do? They start the usual smear campaign of blaming those with no voice and no power, the poor. Fuck these whiney never really worked a day in their lives (that is MOST of them) ass-holes. I wouldn't piss on one if they were on fire and I'm 100% sure the feeling is mutual. I am fine with that cause the rich are generally smug douche-bags who believe because 1% of their their net worth is is a couple million dollars, and therefore, when they donate a couple of million dollars they are treated like angels, when in fact they are simply wiping their asses with dollar bills to keep the masses just fat, just happy, and just stupid enough to ignore them while they use and abuse our country, our resources, our environment, while continuing to exploit any human that can make them more money.

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