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Test in 7 hours !!

Alright pass or fail? I want opinions based on my situation please..

My day today - Time now 2:18am

I'm on probation and I have passed my drug tests so far because i haven't smoked.

At about 3:00pm I went to a friends house and smoked a bowl.

Smoked again at 4:30pm, and then once more at 7:30pm

About now i realized i have a probation appointment at 9:30am

I get home at 8:00pm and eat dinner (Beef Brisket, Baked Beans, Also some Hawaiian Sweet bread) Oh and a Monster Energy Drink.

After i finished eating at around 9:00pm I started drinking a lot of water. I took Aspirin, Closed my windows and Started to jack off.. Now sweating.. i continue to drink more water, Ate a slice of Whole Grain bread and a Carrot

PS. like i said i haven't smoked in a while i know good weed and then i know GREAT WEED.. Maybe it was the bowl, but i didn't get very high compared to some instances. And the smoke was very "thin" i guess.

As i Finnish typing this, still sweating like "drenched" armpits. and drinking water. Will change cloth and shower up at about 6:30..

Also i was reading about Gelatine and how it may coat your liver and bladder.

Apparently Knox Unflavored Gelatine is fail proof.. But i'd like some more recent Success stories behind this..
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