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How long to go now? Looking mighty frosty .

I think the damage on the fans is pretty minor tbh, seen as she's well on the way anyhow.

The other foliage looks quite dark green so perhaps she's been a little overfed with nitrogen, maybe this and the aberration of pH you mention have given rise to a minor lockout.
SSH is not usually very N hungry and is a light feeder in general. IDK about GDP.

Also bear in mind that if you're using RO water- You have taken all the calcium and magnesium (along with all the other crap you didn't want) out of the water so you may need more cal mag.. or maybe not.
Your soil and nutes may be sufficient, it is unusual to get calcium deficiency in soil or peat&perlite. Epsom salts may help, they contain magnesium.

I'd say slacken off the nutes a little, especially the N. Don't let her dry out.

Upping the cal mag or adding epsom salts might help, but I'm tending to think lowering the other nutes a bit might be the best plan.

It looks like you'll get some good harvest in any case.
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