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Originally Posted by Farmer's Hat View Post
Thank you for the info. The idea of keeping two lines separate sounds practical. I do label and keep track of the seeds. As far as my strain goes, I have a collection of f1 and f2. My next step was to cross an f1 with an f2. Would this produce an f3? If so, I would then cross an f3 female with an f1 male. My theory is that the gap between the f1and f3would help prevent loss of vigor due to inbreeding.

With this f4 I will split the line and gradually work the lemon haze genes into the strain. Once I have a plant from both lines that is close to what I want, then I will cross those two plants and create an f1.

What other methods do you know of?
Good that you are labelling your seeds with the parentage. This is essential to a breeding project.

I wouldn't worry about lack of vigour until it occurs. For now you want to lock down desirable traits.

Try to be clear about your goals and how you intend to achieve them. Then even if it doesn't work out you can hopefully learn from what goes wrong.

2 seeds from the PP x SLH cross is not many. Really you want at least 10 to have some idea what the genes contain.
You could be unlucky and get two rubbish plants that don't express the potential of the cross.
Or you could get two plants which perform great but have recessive hermi genes or some such horror which will, unbeknownst to you, contaminate your breeding project.
If you have a good grip of seeds to grow out from a cross then you will be much better informed and increase the chances of finding excellent plants.

There are loads of breeding techs but first of all I'd make sure you thoroughly understand Mendelian inheritance and punnet squares. These are the basic tools.

Also be aware that Mendelian inheritance does not explain everything about breeding, so any way of understanding the genes is good.
I try to look at things from the plants' perspectives and empathise with their needs and goals as well as my own.
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