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It's been done, it's been done, the crowd did wail,
Here's Man in Black to take you to jail.
Or sing a tune with so much glee,
Shut up or I'll Spanky you over my knee.

Let's chill said the crowd, lets moket some weed
while we watch the Pharm Girl planting her seeds.
What seeds you may ask and do they like bees?
It's a hairy Sagetree with bright silver leaves.

I still want to wed you, lets go find the Rev,
He's lying there smoking cigars in his bed.
It's dark and I can't find the dresser,
don't be so daft, fire up the kompressor.

This is my story of the Bearsy and clive,
One shits in the woods, one tells no lies.
But, who is the boy and who has the boob?
I'll answer that said Jimmie the cube.

You think that Rubix is the cube master?
I'll tell you right now what it is I am after.
I want it all, that's what I think.
I'm gonna take your kitch en sink.

I want the stoneric snowmayne with his turmaline tie,
That line is too good, not to use in this rhyme.
So, you see what happens when I have nothing to do.
It's either this or that or a Brand New Shoe.

And for those who didn't make it on time,
It's not always easy to come up with a rhyme.
Bondi Bad Dog, El Coyote (Weedwax),
if you don't like it, send me a fax.

Those two are too loud when they start to barka
Give me a quiet one, like Eria Tarka.
Do as I ask, don't be a bore,
There's a killa on the loose and he's mighty sore.

Ncc, shadow girl, and you mother4,
to rhyme with your names has become such a chore.
To the rest I have missed, what is there to say?
Just put a So(c)K in it, okay?

It's way past time, this is way too long,
It's all over but the fat lady song.
I can only think to end it this way,
Happy Hooka to all and to all a good day.
Sometimes sleep is the best revenge- Luke


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