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Originally Posted by Being View Post
Rodgers and Lacy will be the duo of the year. Seattle will be hampered because the refs will start actually calling defensive pass interference on them. Sherman will not be the same this year.
Seattle doesn't play as dirty as everyone makes it out to be...

In the preseason game against Denver where each team had over 10 penalties called against them, none were against Seattle for PI or Defensive Holding. Browner was the one who couldn't keep his hands to himself and he is in New England now.

From what I have seen so far, the refs are calling a lot more holding calls at the line, and are bordering on being ticky tacky for calling a bit to many calls for the new rules. I see this more as an aberration than what is going to happen moving forward. No one is going to want to watch games in which 20+ penalties are called each game.
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