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>tfw the Harbaugh brothers are having as many practices as allowed Ravens vs 9ers
>tfw collusion, we let the Rat Birds win theirs, now it is our year to win ours
>tfw Kaep learned to throw and threw 6 TD's, 3 to Boldin in a scrimmage game this week vs 1st team Ravens Defenders
>tfw Opening of new stadium vs Denver on Sunday
>tfw Hyde looked great
>tfw the salt birds looked poor in a sloppy affair in denver

>tfw Blain Gabbart is your 2nd string qb
>tfw that ludicrous display in the first preseason game
>tfw the desert birds and refugee rams both looked good in their preseason
>tfw the start of the season is still 3 years away
>tfw you will never get to go to the opening game at the Jeans Rack
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It has zero political or cultural value. It is reactionary in the worse sense: a gnarled wailing of a million broken losers joined in the comradery of hate and petty personal grievance.
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