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Peyton MAnning-QB - GOAT Fantasy #'s

Montee Ball-RB - Looks like he is primed to pull a Moreno, will be good for yds, may not get too many TD's

Frank Gore-RB - He hates fantasy, although he is good for a few good games a season

Victor Cruz-WR - Hope lilbroManning gets his shit together, risky pick but could boom

Greg Jennings-WR - I would move Sanders to this spot, and throw in Wheaton as the flex

Greg Olsen-TE - Scam's only reliable target outside of Benjamin, hopefully he stays healthy you have a decent backup so you should be fine here.

Emmanuel Sanders-Flex - See Jennings

Broncos D - They made a ton of improvements, could lead to good things.

Adam Vinitari-K - The ageless one, will score lots of extra points.


Danny Woodhead-RB - Great if you are playing in a ppr league, middling if just yds and TD's

Ben Rapeburger-QB - Good backup, you will only need him for Manning's bye week

Ahmad Bradshaw-RB - He was good for the colts before going down with inj, hopefully he keeps Tbusterson on the bench.

Markus Wheaton-WR - See Jennings

Delanie Walker-TE - Good back up, he is a starter on one of my teams. Hopefully lelocker stays fit and uses him. The tits have a underated WR corp.

Wes Welker-WR - He could spend all season on the bench but will have a couple blow up days, probably in late october early november.

Brian Hartline-WR - Still underrated as fuck, will probably have a few weeks where he scores more than Wallace.

Bretty good lineup, bit broncos heavy but that isn't a bad thing. You should be right in every matchup due to manning alone, but you have some good role players.

for the lels check this out...

20 Team /spee/ league...

Drew Brees


Darren Sproles

Alfred Morris


Michael Floyd

Brandin Cooks


Travis Kelce


Robert Woods


Steven Hauschka


Seattle Seahawks


Teddy Bridgewater

Chris Polk

Kenny Britt

Marqise Lee

Delanie Walker

New Orleans Saints
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